Morse Companion

This program generates morse code on keyout (active low) in response to switch closures on keyin which is also echoed to keyout. Keying speed is controled by pi.

    rst pb5 -|     |- vcc
     pi pb3 -|     |- pb2 sck
     po pb4 -|     |- pb1 miso keyin 
        gnd -|     |- pb0 mosi keyout


(The input portion of this program has not been implelemented.)

Uses the BynaseDriver.

At the MakerFaire we mashed up the above part to make a ThrowieTalkie. This is a simplified variation we make for the GRL exhibit in Austria.

This program generates morse code on keyout (active low) sending a sequence of preprogrammed messages. Keying speed is fixed.

This version of the program has been modified to run at a slow clock rate to reduce power consumption.

    rst pb5 -|     |- vcc
        pb3 -|     |- pb2 sck
        pb4 -|     |- pb1 miso 
        gnd -|     |- pb0 mosi --- LED --- vcc


DaveTadlock worked out the bit patterns for more Morse letters. Find his work here:

You will want to use just the morse encoding in the cybord part. You will also want to modify this code snippet to subtract the ascii value of your first letter. In my case it was 'a', so I subtract that value to get the proper offset in the z register.

	mov zl,char
	subi zl,'a'


Last edited March 9, 2008
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